Credit Score - The Best Credit Management Tool in Estonia

Inforegister’s Credit Score combines all background information into just one number and

assesses the solvency of Estonian enterprises with 99.5% accuracy.

This provides a quick overview of a company’s credit risk class and helps make a decision concerning possible co-operation and payment terms.

Introduction to Credit Score

See how Credit Score predicts the probability of a company becoming insolvent and how it can make business easier.

Credit Risk Classes and recommendations

Find out more about Credit Score’s credit risk classes that help You make quick and easy calls whether to do business with a company or not, and manage Your risks.

Access options

You can access Credit Score on various business software programmes, Inforegister, ScoreStorybook, and NOW app. Find out more!

Articles and useful links

Read more on the development of the Credit Score model and see examples of how companies use the Credit Score to manage risks.

Introduction to Credit Score

Benefits of the Credit Score

Instant solvency assessment of possible new clients and business partners

  • Simple and effective risk assessment of Your whole client base
  • Credit limits and payment terms that correspond to the client’s credit risk class
  • Updates on long-term customers’ solvency
  • Recommended course of action for the management, sales and accounting department

How does the Credit Score work?

The Credit Score uses available data on a company, going up to a year and a half back in time, and combines it with constantly changing new data (e.g., information on debts, changes in the management board, submitting declarations). This way, the Credit Score can predict the possibility of a company becoming insolvent or facing compulsory dissolution within the next 12 months with 99.5% accuracy.

Created in co-operation with data scientists.

Challenges in credit management that Estonian companies face every day led to the creation of the Credit Score. We developed the Credit Score model in co-operation with the Software Technologies and Applications Center and data scientists of the University of Tartu. We used machine-learning methods in developing the model, which include unsupervised learning algorithms, can discover hidden connections and make prognoses based on these.

In co-operation with experts and data scientists, we were able to create a solution that helps assess the credit risk of new customers and monitor the solvency of long-term clients in real-time, right amidst all the business processes – where You need it most!

Credit Risk Classes and recommendations

The Credit Score is always on a scale of 0.00 to 1.00, where 0 means low credit risk and 1 means high credit risk. To simplify making decisions, the scale is divided up into five credit risk classes. Each risk class comes with a recommendation for actions – helping You make better decisions – both in sales and in dealing with overdue invoices.

Credit Risk Class I - Reliable

Credit risk class I comprises companies that have submitted all their reports and have no tax arrears or these are minimal, in comparison with other companies. There are no or relatively few companies with a poor reputation connected to the board members. This is a reliable company. When selling to this company, use your standard terms and conditions, or offer even more flexibility. If the client does not pay on time, use reminders.

Credit Risk Class II - Neutral

Credit risk class II encompasses companies that may have unsubmitted annual reports and may have tax arrears. Companies of ill repute may be connected to members of the management board.

You can sell to a company in the Neutral credit risk class on standard terms, but do monitor payment patterns. If the client does not pay on time, use reminders or warnings; if necessary, apply shorter payment deadlines and reduce credit.

Credit risk class III - Borderline

Many start-ups and young companies (up to two years) belong to this category. There are usually no companies with a bad reputation connected with members of the management board, but there may be exceptions. Reports may be lacking, but may also be spot-on. The company may have tax arrears.

When selling to a borderline company, it may be necessary to make use of additional information. Adjust payment terms or request pre-payment to manage risks. If the client has overdue invoices, use warnings and limit credit or use shorter deadlines.

Credit risk class IV - Problematic

This risk class entails companies that are missing annual reports or they are late in submitting them. The company displays substantial and/or persistent tax arrears. There may be several companies with a shady reputation connected to members of the board. The company may have no VAT liability registration.

Only sell with pre-payment to a problematic company, or request additional guarantees. If the client does not pay on time and repayment drags on for weeks or months, then try to reach a payment agreement with a board member’s personal guarantee, or use debt collection services.

Credit risk class V - Risky

Companies in this risk class have routinely not submitted annual reports for years, and have substantial debts. As a rule, tax declarations have not been filed either and other companies of bad repute may be connected to the board members.

Only sell with advance payment to a risky company. If a client belonging to this risk class has any overdue invoices, they are likely to remain unsettled. You can use debt collection services to get your money back.

How to access Credit Score

One-off Credit Score assessment

Check the company’s Credit Score on the page, find out the company’s risk class assessment and recommendations in an instant. You can choose to follow the company and get automatic updates.

Credit Score on Inforegister and ScoreStorybook

Check the Credit Score and prognosis in the Credit Report available on and on the company’s media page on ScoreStorybook. Constantly updated financial data, debt information, and business network information assist You in completing thorough background research.

Credit Score in business software programmes

Use the freshest available credit rating for Your whole client base on a daily basis and easily assess the credit risks of new clients and partners.

Credit Score in the NOW app

Use Inforegister’s NOW app to check a company’s Credit Score and receive updates on important changes in business activities of companies You have chosen to follow.

Articles and useful links

Articles on the Credit Score published on Storybook business media, Inforegister blog and other channels.

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STORYBOOK OÜ: Science-based Credit Score – an Internationally Recognised Credit Management Tool at Everyone’s Command!
Inforegister’s Credit Score is now an internationally recognised credit management tool in use in a number of foreign credit insurance groups. The Credit Score was developed in co-operation of data scientists from Softwade Development and Applications Competence Center and the University of Tartu. We used machine-learning methods in developing the model, including unsupervised learning algorithms that can discover hidden connections and based on these predict whether a company is likely to become insolvent. The model is highly accurate – 99.5%!
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